Governors Hunt & Mofford

Globe is home to two of Arizona’s Governors. The First Governor of Arizona, Gov. George W.P. Hunt, who was elected to a total of 7 terms. Rose Mofford was the first Female Governor of Arizona. When you enter the Museum the first exhibit is that of the governors. The display captures the history these two Globe citizens played in our State.


Native American Room

The Native American Room at the museum, is a special place to spend time and view the pre-historic Salado pottery as well as Hohokam pottery found in Gila County.  The Salado people came here about 1100AD. The room also contains display of Apache Basketry and bead work, plus clothing and Cradle boards.


Ranching Exhibit Room

The ranching exhibit room, gives a person a look at what it must have been like in the late 1800’s for early settlers who were ranchers. The room features a McEachren. The Ranching Brands, even a display of barbed wire with over twenty different type of fencing.


Hunt Bedroom Set

The Gila County Museum has an authentic bedroom display of furnishing from Governor Hunt. The exhibit has a complete bedroom set including dressers, Chairs, nightstands, mirrors, quilts. The Exhibit is complete with wooden floors and wall hangings.


Newspaper Exhibit Room

Globe’s first newspaper was published in 1878. The Arizona Silver Belt was first published on May 2nd,1878. In the museum’s exhibit on newspapers features early day printing equipment, including a line a type machine and type setting supplies and equipment.  The equipment on display is massive in size compared to today’s computers and printers. It’s a fascinating look in to history.


Mine Rescue Station

The Gila County Museum is in the old Mine Rescue Station, which was opened in 1920.  As you walk thru the Museum you will experience the workings of the Mine Rescue Station.  From Photographs to equipment, it is on display.


Other Exhibits

Early Medical Exhibit
Old Kitchen 1920's
Retail Exhibit
Living Room
Mining Office
Roosevelt Dam
Coolidge Dam
Cornish Pasties
Carbide/candle lamps
Globe Schools
Fire Equipment


The Gila County Museum accepts Historical items for display. Items can be everything from clothing, household, jewelry, photographs, even tools from days gone by. To make a donation or to inquirer about your items please bring the items to the museum or contact us.