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The Old West Highway

The Old West Highway, where history still lives. Travel in the footsteps of legends of the west. Experience 600 years of western history. Take U. S. 60 and 70 between Apache Junction, AZ. And Lordsburg, NM. The Old West Highway wanders through history, weaving an irregular path between fact and legend while following the trails…

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A Very Short Story of the Life of Rose Mofford

Rosie Perica MOFFORD is the great and special lady who was born and grew up in Globe, Arizona. Years later when Rose became a household name to the people of Arizona, she attributed much of her success to her wonderful family and growing up in the rural copper mining community of Globe. The Gila Gila…

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The Prom – A Look Back

Our museum deals with artifacts, history of “Our Towns”, mining, people that lived here in the past, old houses, businesses and their owners that have come and gone and stories. My favorite part of working with our museum is the stories that people share: the remember when stories. I have found that re-remembering is why…

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