COVID-19 Personal Recollections.

My sister and I were scheduled for a Tour in Alaska in May. We had made arrangements in January and made the final payment in mid-February. First, Alaska Airlines canceled my return flight from Anchorage; 2 days later they canceled the flight from Phoenix to Anchorage. A day later the Tour company informed us that our tour was being deferred and offered us a September date.

I took advantage of the CVRMC free Covid Test in June and received a negative report.
So I left, via automobile and US 60 for the east coast. I was not stopped at any border between AZ and Connecticut, visited Cape Cod for a long weekend, and spent time with both sons in Virginia and Michigan as well as relatives in Ohio.

Every convenience store requested mask-wearing, some mandated it. It was disappointing that most of the museums that I wanted to visit were closed, but I did not feel particularly constrained. Most of the motels that offered free breakfast only offered a limited menu, and some places did not have sit-down dining available.

In September I provided flu shots for teachers in Globe, Miami, San Carlos, Bylas, Ft. Thomas, Pima, Thatcher, Safford, San Manuel, Oracle, and Kearny, wearing a mask and gloves.

In September my brother and sister-in-law flew out. We traveled to Utah to visit Bridges Nat. Park, Arches National Monument, Bryce National Park, Zion, Grand Canyon North Rim, Page (the visitor’s center at the dam was closed – bummer!), Grand Canyon South Rim, Sedona, and Slide Rock State Park.

All of the concessions required masks and some were controlling numbers of visitors inside facilities but most restaurants were open. In December I took advantage of the free testing Embry was offering. 6 days after the fact, and after I had been around about 30 people, I received a text telling me my test was Positive. I had absolutely no symptoms.

No one contacted me about contact tracing, but 10 days later when a waitress at a local restaurant overheard me say I had tested positive over 10 days prior – and I and the 9 other people in my party were asked to leave the premises.

Later in December, I flew to Michigan to visit my son and his family. The restaurant facilities were shut down for indoor dining (and the 1 meal I had at 25 F outside was NOT comfortable). Masks were required throughout the state and most of the convenience stores associated with gas stations had locked restrooms!

I did not change a lot of my lifestyle or activities as a result of Covid-19.

-Mary Anne Moreno