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  • The Gila County Historical Society knows that history happens every day, but seldom are we so aware of it now with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    The effect this disease has had on our state, our country, the world and on Gila County.

    We need to hear you. We need to record your story(s) of Covid-19. Please take a few minutes to tell us your story of your COVID-19 experience. There is no time like now. These stories will be saved for future generations and they will be appreciative of your story.

    Not Sure where to Start I really miss….
    My favorite way to keep in touch with family and friends,
    My preferred way to stay up to date,
    The strangest thing I have seen,
    It has changed the way I,
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    Adapted from “The Chambers Christmas Newsletter 2020”.


    Early in 2020, Bryan was getting ready to conduct a criminal jury trial—nothing unusual for a superior court judge. A week or so before the trial, he met with the attorneys involved and was informed by the prosecutor that one of their witnesses might wear a facemask to the trial. The witness was a physician…

    Zoom, Zoom.


    My Corvid Memory: As a little boy one of my favorite pastimes was to play with small wooden or metal toy cars in our house on the wood or linoleum floors. I would race them and make them go faster by revving up the make-believe motors. Zoom, zoom they would go pretty fast from the…

    But We Will Survive!!!


    The Covid 19 Virus was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. It spread around the world. No one knew what to do at first. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, closed incoming flights from China, but it was too late. The Virus was here in the United States. The world had…

    COVID-19 Personal Recollections.


    My sister and I were scheduled for a Tour in Alaska in May. We had made arrangements in January and made the final payment in mid-February. First, Alaska Airlines canceled my return flight from Anchorage; 2 days later they canceled the flight from Phoenix to Anchorage. A day later the Tour company informed us that…



    When the “lockdowns” started we took to our off-road vehicles with our off-road friends and spent time out in the hills. For us, things did not change that much. As we live remote anyway, we just ate out less, did not go to the movies or public gatherings. I missed the Hamburger Frys and other…

    Was it Flu or Was it COVID-19


    Having lived through many epidemics such as polio, tuberculosis, and others, I feel that the covid-19 experience was handled poorly by government officials. Never before were we given so much misinformation that it affected our country. With that in mind, I was sick with the flu shortly after Thanksgiving in 2019. I spent three agonizing…

    Toughen Up.


    Our life didn’t change much, although we have been more careful about what we touch, etc. plus we do more washing of hands. We were not able to attend church, so missed being with our friends and giving hugs. Our pastor emailed each Sunday’s worship service to us or hand-delivered them to those who did…