Less than 20 years after his 1881 arrival in Globe, George W. P. Hunt advanced from ”slinging hash” at Pasco’s Restaurant to the presidency of the Old Dominion Commercial Company.  During this time, he became involved in politics.  He served seven terms on the Arizona Territorial Legislature and was elected president of the Arizona Constitutional Convention in 1910.  Two years later he become the first governor of the State of Arizona.  Hunt sold his Globe business and home and moved permanently to Phoenix, but his sentiments remained in his “beloved Globe.”  On trips around the state, he often managed to spend time in Globe, visiting old friends and renewing acquaintances, and his election campaigns usually ended in Globe.  After some last minute campaigning, he’d go to the polls to vote.  He would then retire to the Kinney House to await the election returns.  Hunt said, “It always makes me feel good to get into the old town again.”