When the “lockdowns” started we took to our off-road vehicles with our off-road friends and spent time out in the hills. For us, things did not change that much. As we live remote anyway, we just ate out less, did not go to the movies or public gatherings. I missed the Hamburger Frys and other gatherings at the Museum more than most things. I missed Christmas parties, Christmas being my favorite holiday. We don’t like crowds at any time, so we did not miss crowded places. We always wear a mask when required and although I do not enjoy wearing one, I think it helped to a degree as neither of us had so much as a cold all winter.

We stayed in touch with friends and family by phone, email, and FaceBook. Our immediate family came to our home to visit as did our close friends, so we have not felt lonely or isolated.

The strangest thing I think is how scared Americans seem to be. Viruses come and go and people who have illnesses or other risk factors should be scared and very careful. However, I think the “scare factor” is being carried on much too long in an effort to control our actions. That we continue to allow it seems strange to me. We have had our vaccinations and I am ready to get on with life.

Covid has changed the way we eat and our entertainment. We used to travel a lot. We spent 2019 mostly in Europe, England, Ireland, Scotland, and the Baltic. We were gone most of the year. We haven’t been anywhere since then and are happy with that. I’m glad we got it out of our system while we could! We eat at home and, as mentioned, do not go out to the movies. I find I like it this way and we may not resume our old habits. I would like to occasionally attend gatherings such as those at the museum including the Hamburger Frys, Old Dominion Days, the Christmas Open House, and Annual Meeting. I hope we will get on with enjoying our lives.

-Jane Hale