Toughen Up.

Our life didn’t change much, although we have been more careful about what we touch, etc. plus we do more washing of hands. We were not able to attend church, so missed being with our friends and giving hugs. Our pastor emailed each Sunday’s worship service to us or hand-delivered them to those who did not have email–it wasn’t the same, but at least we were connected. Now that we are together again, we still maintain social distancing and wear masks. A trip with family members was canceled and so far, has not been taken. We missed getting together for family gatherings, as well as meeting friends for dinner. I believe it made us more aware of what we had before, that we took for granted and were now doing without. We continued to grocery shop but did no more than was necessary. I thought of those who were fighting in WW II and of the families that they were separated from for years. Some people complained about having to wear masks, yet if it kept someone from getting Covid, I felt it was necessary. We still continue to wear masks and will do so as long as we need to. Perhaps we needed to “toughen up” and hopefully we did.

-Peggy Snow