Are you researching your family's history?


The Gila County Historical Society has resources to help you out!

When working on our family history knowing the places our ancestors lived is an integral part of every family's story. The places our ancestors lived shaped their lives and experiences. They also determined what records were created about them. It makes sense, then, that to find our ancestors and understand their lives, we need to learn about the places they came from.

The Gila County Historical Museum collects and preserves a variety of paper and electronic materials, including photographs, periodicals, Globe High school yearbooks, journals, letters, business and personal papers, maps, Gila County Arizona Marriage Records 1881-1970, Palmer Mortuary records, 1885-1995, Globe Cemetery Records 1889-2002 access to Arizona birth and death records and documents related to the history of our area. Our research staff is trained in the use of the Pastperfect program that is in the process of cataloging our collection of materials for easy retrieval.

If you need help researching your past, visit the museum, send a research request, or call to set up an appointment to work with our trained docents.

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