The Old West Highway

The Old West Highway, where history still lives. Travel in the footsteps of legends of the west. Experience 600 years of western history. Take U. S. 60 and 70 between Apache Junction, AZ. And Lordsburg, NM. The Old West Highway wanders through history, weaving an irregular path between fact and legend while following the trails first chartered by Hohokams, Coronado, deAnaz, deNiza, Geronimo, the Dutchman, Beanbelly Smith, cavalrymen, prospectors, miners, settlers, ranchers, farmers, Billy the Kid, Johnny Ringo, promoters, gamblers, speculators, and finally, just plain folks looking for a place to call their own.

The highway traces a course of rich historical significance, cultural alteration and migratory habits ofthose who used it to pursue their dreams. The results of those ambitions evolved into the cities and towns which line the route across eastern Arizona and western New Mexico.

Today, the Old west Highway spans Ghost towns and golf courses, lost treasure and leisure activities, copper mines and cotton fields, mining claims and museums.

It is only 203 miles long.

But it passes through the ages.

So the trip can take mere hours or it can evolve into an extended stay.